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update: we have recently archived our meal prep service

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what is it?

Holistic meal prep services provided by the three are meals and snacks focused on whole foods, local foods and balanced nutrients, meant to work with your tastebuds, too.


The sourcing of the food is built on a foundation of strong values around health, well-being and sustainability. We don't just want to make food, but instead aim for an experience - so you can feel good about what you're eating and who you're supporting.

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who's it for?

ordering system + menu

how's it work?

Our products and services are for those in Waterloo Region who value their health, well-being and time out of the kitchen, those who are supporters of sustainable and local efforts, and those who might be interested in learning more about food and nutrition along the way.

We stray away from diets, but instead encourage nourishment and education, ultimately working to open you up to overall well-being, and close the gap between you and your food.

Ordering takes place weekly for delivery on Sundays, or pick-up during regular business hours. Meals are packaged in reusable containers wherever possible. You can order as much or as little as you'd like from the online menu. There is no minimum order and no subscription, however there is a $6-11 local delivery fee, depending on your area.

The menu changes every week for variety and every two months based on seasonal foods and nutritional needs.

Current clients can order here:

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We are so grateful you are interested in the three's holistic meal prep. We are currently running on a waitlist to provide the best possible experience for our clients.


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