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a tower of avocado, poached egg and wild smoked salmon on couple slices of baked sweet potato + topped with dill, lemon and pepper and a side of roasted garlic tomatoes. Some might say a little gourmet for meal prep, but we think it's worth a shot. 


ingredients: sweet potato, egg, wild smoked salmon, avocado, tomatoes, dill, lemon, garlic, olive oil, black pepper


best use: a solid start to your day


instructions: reheat sweet potato, eggs and tomatoes in microwave for 30 seconds while placing the rest on the lid. Once done, create your tower then sprinkle lemon juice and dill on top. you can still put the entire dish in if you so choose, but you might have soggier salmon + smellier kitchen.


major allergens: fish

poached egg, salmon + avo breaky

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