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I’m Morgan, the human behind the scenes at The III, a growing resource for nutrition, wellness and life. I’m often known for untamed hair, a love for desserts and busting out the dance moves when the time is right - but I’m going to assume this is more of what you’re looking for: 


I graduated with Honours as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) from Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in June of 2018. Prior to that, I earned a Bachelor of Science degree while playing Division I hockey at RIT where I experienced some of my highest highs and lowest lows that largely shape my perspectives today.


But, beyond any piece of paper, what matters to me most is connecting with what I’m doing and who I’m working with. I’ve spent too many years with unrealistic expectations (still working on it), assuming it would get me to my “best version” but instead, found myself in a constant battle of “never enough,” leaving me lost, confused and unfulfilled with who I was and what I was chasing. 

I’ve since learned that the best version of ourselves is found when we uncover our own definition of wellness and genuinely connect with what’s around us. I’ve learned that health and nutrition can be a confusing space and I’ve learned that parts of the food industry doesn’t always support a vibrant future, which I am committed to changing. 


With the overload of conflicting information out there, I want to help you navigate the world of nutrition and how it impacts your life. I want to help you uncover your definition of optimal living, but most importantly, I want to help you live a genuine and fulfilling life as you become the best version of yourself.

Cheers to a better future,

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