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Hey, Morgan here – remember me?

The last time you heard from me in blog-form was back in 2020 when I began a short series called “the part-time life,” creatively named after my choice to move from a full-time job to part-time, and then use the remainder of my days to dive into figuring out how to establish a food business.

As we all know, soooooooo much has changed since then. In my own world, I no longer live the part-time life, and instead have found myself living the full(er)-time life. If you know me more personally, or follow the three on Instagram, you might have grasped some of the pieces of the journey between then and now, but in short, there was a too-good-to-pass-up offer that would allow me to do both meal prep and have a cafe + eatery.

That was the dream, right? What could possibly go wrong?

Welp – even though I felt *mostly* prepared for entrepreneurship 18 months ago, and even though I'm mostly proud of how I've handled it all thus far, it's been suuuuuch a personal challenge. Not only am I still figuring out the business side of it (feelin' like a rookie over here 🙋‍♀️), there's been certain mental blocks that I didn't expect, or to linger as they have. There's been many days, weeks and even months that I've really struggled to feel at ease in this new role and many times I've questioned how I can keep up with it all, while also feeling fulfilled along the way.

How can I take care of the business, and myself?

How can I ensure enough cashflow, and enough rest?

How can I be efficient, and enjoy the process?

How can I balance all the moving parts of work, and all the moving parts of life?

I know I'm not alone on this, as these are some of the big questions of business, and of life, though, for me it's been helpful to ask more specific questions more often:

What does “taking care of myself" mean to me?

What is my version of “enough?"

In 18 months, I've tried many versions of “taking care of Morgan," but it continues to prove not enough. At this stage of my life and of the business, the solution is simple, but not easy:

do less.

Right now, “doing less” has led to a decision to entirely eliminate Wednesday’s meal prep. I thought about this decision for weeks, but yet, I resisted. All signs – my body, my mind, my relationships, my energy, my passion – pointed to less, but yet, I resisted.

“Meal prep companies should deliver twice a week."

“This is what early entrepreneurship is supposed to feel like.”

“This is what I have to suffer through to become successful.”

“This is a step backwards."

“Clients are going to be disappointed.”

“I'm going to lose business.”

“I'm not capable of handling it all.”

I was resistant to it all, until suddenly I wasn’t.

I made the call, communicated my decision and with it came calm. My thinking and my feelings aligned.

My meal prep business can look different than others.

I can create my own, more fulfilling path to success.

I am taking a step forward, for myself.

Clients will understand, and adjust — or maybe they’ll still be disappointed, but I can’t let that guide decisions that are best for me, and my business.

I am one person. I am capable, not superhuman.

I am one person. I am capable, not superhuman.

I am one person. I am capable, not superhuman.

I am one person. I am capable, not superhuman.

I am one person. I am capable, not superhuman.

In a society where it's easier to say yes, to take on more, to not feel enough, to cram our calendars and fill our minds, I'll be aiming to do a little less – and be a little more.

Until next time,


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