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four resolution reminders

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Do you ever look back and come to realize that you're, like, kinda proud of yourself? I'll admit, I don't do it enough, and you probably don't either, but thanks to Facebook Memories popping up, I had a moment.

Two years ago, I had written four resolution reminders for those who were in the midst of creating a better life as a new year hit, and even more so for myself.

As one post popped up on my Memories the other day, I felt like I was reading it for the first time, but yet I had been the author of it, which just goes to show reminders of lessons you've already learned are still helpful, regardless of how smart, successful or focused you might be right here, right now.

I was proud of the perspectives I'd gained over the years, I was grateful I shared it two years ago, and I was thrilled to be the one reaping the benefits of the reminder two years later.

Maybe you will find some value in them too, so I've "upcycled" them for the resolutioners and goal setters of 2020:

resolution reminder number one

Are you part of the 80% who will scratch their resolutions in January?

Striving to become a better version of ourselves, in whatever way that comes, is the ultimate goal, but the trouble with resolutions is that we anticipate a massive change overnight and look at it in terms of all-or-nothing. We're either perfect, or we give up completely. We tell ourselves we'll start fresh, waiting for the next week, next month or next year. So here is reminder number one: just because you 'gave in' once, doesn't mean you have to give up your goal altogether. If you failed to succeed, you have a chance to learn. Recognize what drove you off track, identify a solution and try again. And again. And again. Goals take time to accomplish and change takes time to manifest. Perfection barely exists, and your same 2021 'resolutions' are far away - unless, of course, you choose not to give up.

resolution reminder number two

Got goals? Wonderful.

Setting goals and writing them down is a powerful thing but it's also the easy part. Proceed to ask yourself why. Why do you do what you do? What are your motives? Are you striving for something because you truly want to, because there is fulfillment and because it aligns with the person you want to be? Or are you doing it for external validation; because it feeds your ego; because it's what your mom, dad, friends or society expect of you?

In order to truly succeed as athletes, artists, scientists, business people or emotional beings, we need to dig deeper. When we take time to reflect on the reasoning behind our goals, we understand ourselves a little better, we become more committed and driven, and we give ourselves the opportunity to align with our why. We then become far more capable of tackling the hurdles that present themselves along the way.

I’ve been setting goals for years and years which has brought me external success, but I realized that my 'why' was often based on unattainable expectations and fitting the mould of who I thought I was supposed to be. The path to achievement seemed robotic, and I’d reach the end without much internal satisfaction at all.

So when it comes to your resolutions, your goals and even your daily decisions, identify your why. Without grasping and aligning with it, achievement is much less likely, and even worse, the journey is much less fulfilling.

resolution reminder number three

This has quite possibly become my lifetime motto.

Between our relationship goals, financial goals, health goals and career goals, life can get overwhelming. I've been there many times, and there's no doubt I'll be there many times again. BUT when we grasp the idea of patience, the future is far more promising and realistic. When we trust ourselves and the work we're willing to put in over the long-term, the short term becomes less complicated and more attainable.

So here's reminder number three: entirely new versions of ourselves can't be created overnight, but yet they can be refined, little by little, every single day. Next time you are faced with a long journey ahead, whether it's paying your student loans, understanding a boat load of information, planning a wedding or improving your fitness level, remember to take it dollar by dollar, chapter by chapter, task by task or day by day. Take it little by little, and the results will be big.

resolution reminder number four

On the path towards consistent and sustainable improvement, motivation needs to be self-made, and that happens by creating, not by waiting. It happens by ACTUALLY doing the thing we want to do. Not the thing that we tell ourselves is the step before the thing we want to do, but THE ACTUAL THING.

What I am saying, is don't go out and buy new runners because you are going to start running. Start by running, and then consider buying new shoes. Want to travel? Put those credit card digits in and select your flight. Want to write a book? Grab a pen and start writing.

In simpler terms, reminder number four is this: flip the equation. Don't wait for an invitation, but instead create your own. Go and do, and the excitement, results and motivation will follow. And then when it comes, you'll continue to do. That, my friends, is the beautiful cycle of positive momentum.

So, here’s to 2020. To chasing what we truly want. To pushing ourselves in new ways. To living bold around what we believe in. To enjoying the process as it comes. To creating a better future, but to doing it now.
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